Grant Recipients

The Acharai Fund is pleased to announce the recipients of its 2014 grants:

Youth At Risk: Ziv Neurim (Pathways to the Sea)
Helping Individuals with Special Needs: Beth David Institute- Center for Deaf-Blind Persons

Facing Abuse: Bat Melech

Building Tolerance and Understanding Hand in Hand School in Tel Aviv and Jaffa

As a result of this year’s grants, we will help to foster the hopes and aspirations of at risk youth, will create a special new program for deaf-blind Israelis to allow them to live more independent lives, will support women and children who are victims of abuse and will enhance parent and community programs for a bilingual school for Israeli Arabs and Jews. These are just a few of the grants made by the children and parents of Acharai.


The Acharai Fund is pleased to announce the recipients of its 2013 grants:

Combating Hunger:

Yad LaKashish: Combating Hunger Amongst Jerusalem’s Elderly Poor
Helping Individuals with Special Needs: Larger Than Life: Kindergarten of Dreams Playground


Economic Development: KIEDF (Koret Israel): Microfinance Services to Low Income Women


Building Tolerance and Understanding :MEET: Promoting Tolerance and Understanding Through Technology and Understanding


The Acharai Fund is pleased to announce the recipients of its 2012 grants:

ASSISTING VICTIMS OF TERROR AND WAR: $50,000 Grant to Hope For Heroism

Project Name: Financial Aid Fund For Wounded Israeli Combat Soldiers

The Acharai Fund grant will help recently disabled and injured Israeli combat soldiers put their lives back together from the moment they are injured until they are able to return to productive, contributive lives. 100% of the Acharai grant funds will be utilized for direct financial, medical, educational and/or legal aid to many wounded soldiers.


COMBATING HUNGER: $50,000 Grant to Carmei Ha’ir

Project Name: Dining With Dignity – The Carmei Ha’ir Restaurant

By providing needed services without causing shame to the recipient, Carmei Ha’ir enables its clients to work towards a better future while getting the help they need in the present. At Carmei Ha’ir’s open restaurant, no signs declare it a soup kitchen. Lonely Survivors, disabled veterans, indigent families and lone soldiers can eat beside businessmen. All are treated exactly the same – no one knows who is a paying customer and who is receiving a free meal. The Acharai Fund grant will support Carmei Ha’ir’s restaurant as well as their school lunch, food basket and clothing distribution programs.


HELPING CHILDREN AND YOUTH AT RISK: $50,000 Grant to Bet Elazraki Children’s Home

Project Name: Construction of A Dining Room in the Family Intervention Center

The Family Intervention Center operating at Bet Elazraki Children’s Home provides extensive therapy to help at risk families in Netanya. Children arrive at the Center each morning and the staff makes sure they receive care all day – including their meals. Currently the Intervention Center does not have a dining room to allow the children and their parents to have a place to eat these meals. Acharai funds will enable the construction of a dining room to provide the families with a place to call their own: “A place that gives a warm, homey environment to children who do not have it.”


SHALOM BAYIT: $30,000 Grant to PeacePlayers International – Middle East

Project Name: Twinned Basketball Club

The Acharai Fund grant will allow the addition of two new teams to the Twinned Basketball Clubs, a year-round basketball and peace education delivered to Arab and Jewish youth throughout Israel.  In addition to promoting peaceful coexistence between Arab and Jewish youth, PPI-ME aims to provide positive extracurricular outlet for girls and for children from disadvantaged communities. TBC is designed to have lasting and far-reaching effects, whereby the children gain skills to serve as ambassadors of peace in their communities.