Mission & History

Founded in 2011 by 35 families in suburban Philadelphia, the Acharai Fund is a multi-generational giving circle which inspires families to engage together in meaningful Jewish philanthropy.  Acharai means “to follow” and one of the goals of the Acharai Fund is to talk about and engage in philanthropy with our children.

Acharai leads by bringing together caring, dedicated, multi-generational families who pool their resources and decide collaboratively where those resources are distributed. Families are invited to join Acharai with an annual contribution of $5,000 each. The Acharai Fund is a completely volunteer organization, and 100% of donations received are used for grants. Acharai Fund members solicit grant requests, participate in proposal review and evaluation and learn about the meaningful work conducted by nonprofit organizations and amutot in Israel.

Each year, Acharai Fund members will determine the funding priorities for the following year. One of the key facets of the Acharai Fund is the involvement of the “next generation.” To that end, the children of Acharai Fund families play an important role in all aspects of the grant making process from deciding on the focus of the “next gen” grant to deciding, as a group, on the recipient of one of our four grants. An annual optional trip to Israel allows Acharai families to experience first-hand the programs and people we support.

Acharai is committed to democratic decision-making, transparency and inclusiveness. These ideals lead to more successful fundraising for critical Jewish organizations and programs and foster more tangible connections to the land and people of Israel and the diaspora. We are dedicated to teaching and modeling Jewish philanthropy to our children.