About Us

Acharai means “follow me.” You can only ask others to follow when you are willing to lead. Acharai leads by bringing together caring, dedicated, multi-generational families who pool their resources and decide collaboratively where those resources are distributed. Acharai is committed to democratic decision-making, transparency and inclusiveness. These ideals lead to more successful fundraising for critical Jewish organizations and programs and foster more tangible connections to the land and people of Israel and the diaspora. We are dedicated to teaching and modeling Jewish philanthropy to our children.

Grant recipients will be chosen by a majority vote of the Acharai Fund membership at the annual meeting in the fall.  One of the four grant recipients will be selected by the votes of the “next generation” group comprised of the children of Acharai Fund families.  In 2014, the Acharai Fund awarded 4 grants of $50,000 each.

Please contact us for information about Acharai 2015.