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Acharai Fund Giving Circle

Our Mission

The Acharai Fund inspires families to engage together in meaningful Jewish philanthropy. Acharai means “follow me.” You can only ask others to follow when you are willing to lead. Acharai leads by bringing together caring, dedicated, multi-generational families who pool their resources and decide collaboratively and democratically where those resources are distributed.

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Programs We Support

In 2014, Acharai Fund will award 4 grants for programs and organizations in Israel from our funding priority groups to enhance: (i)Youth At Risk, (ii) Individuals with Special Needs, (iii) Individuals Facing Abuse, and (iv) Tolerance and Understanding Between Israeli Jews and Arabs.

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How to Apply

2014 LOI IS NOW AVAILABLE. Acharai Fund’s goal is to provide grants of $30,000 to $50,000 to non profit organizations (and amutot) doing vital work in Israel. If your organization meets our eligibility requirements, please send us a Letter of Inquiry.

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Why Acharai? Why now?

Jewish philanthropy faces two fundamental challenges: dwindling dollars and decreasing Jewish identity. We raise less and feel less connected because our generation and our children’s generation are not inspired by traditional ways of giving. If your family desires a deeper engagement in philanthropy, then consider the Acharai Fund. The time for Acharai is now.

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